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Post Covid-19 Planning

Posted 06/09/20

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At this point, you the business owner, must know that technology runs your business now and will even more in the future.  The question of how much or how little you will devote to technology has become as important as anything else you invest in.  Whether you want to believe it or not, I.T. is now the heartbeat of your business. 

Work-at-Home, Onsite or a Blended working environment…are your systems ready to provide the necessary integration and security to have a seamless operation?

From the technology side of your business the following questions must be answered to provide a consistent, cohesive blend of work from home and on-site employees.

Did you make work practices that should be kept? 

Will you continue with remote work or not, if you applied new practices for time management and communication that helped to create efficiency and engagement, then you should continue with them.

Did you make work practices that should NOT be kept?

If you found that some new practices or the type of remote work itself led to delays and lowered efficiency, there is no reason to keep them running. This is especially true when you are trying to decide who can continue to work from home. If you have an employee who did not flourish in the home setting you should bring them back into the office setting quickly.

What could be next? 

Since you will probably be able to bring your full staff into the office soon, do not forget any lessons learned from this first wave.  If there is a second wave, make sure your remote plan that has been tested over the past 3-months is ready to roll out again. 

Remember your team’s ability to function from a remote location depends entirely upon how effective your IT support is. Your IT services supports your ability to have seamless connectivity, access to files, products, and systems

  • The ability to collaborate with team members, associates, and clients/customers with video conferencing solutions
  • Assured security against the increased rate of ted phishing attacks
  • VoIP phone systems that allow for communications with cloud-based structures that keep staff connected

The REAL question is what I.T. support is the best way to manage a remote environment or a blended environment of on site and home employees?

To be effective, IT service and support requires up-to-date skills, expertise and systems.

I.T. services provide you access to a creative team of I.T. experts with an incredible span of technical knowledge and experience.  They can be a supplement your internal I.T. support staff or be your total I.T. support team.  The cost for outsourced I.T. is surprisingly reasonably priced and has become the favorite method of support for large and small companies.

Can you step back and look at this segment of your business and feel completely confident that your company will be able to stand What’s Next? 

Let’s talk about it, call us today and set up a FREE consultation to see what is available and how we could support your business.

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